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Brand &

Campaign Strategy

Gilt Studio understands the need for your business to create a lasting story and a strong sensory impact. Communicating your core ethics and the principles that define who you are and how you operate, matters.


We still believe that the development of a cohesive brand identity, PR, advertising and marketing approach is essential to any initiative wanting to be defined by their principles in today’s competitive markets.


Combining design and consumer psychology expertise with industry insight, our creative leadership will enable a congruent brand and campaign strategy. Creating access to new markets and elevating your brand voice and perception in line with your core ethics, matched

by your process and actions.



Creative Direction & Brand Strategy

Brand Audit | Positioning | Campaign Identity | Commercial Strategy


Campaign Management

Communications Brief | Marketing | PR | Advertising | Collaborations


Consumer Psychology & Journeys

Brand | Consumer & Design Psychology | User Experience

Design Strategy &

Creative Consultancy

The studio understands the importance of emotionally intelligent human and planet centred design, in every aspect of your product, service or space. 

We work across a variety of design, architecture and culture industries offering consultancy services that inject creative vision, integrity and direction. The studio's design psychology expertise ensures that the environment is authentic and true to the brand vision via the design signature, materiality, customer journey and flow. Incorporating experience design and impact design strategies, this attention to detail in creating an emotionally intelligent design, enables your brand to push the boundaries creatively whilst

retaining its authenticity.

Creative Design Strategy | Product Design

Branded Design Concepts| User Experience

 | Brand, Consumer & Design Psychology


Event Strategy &

Art Direction

A carefully curated event has the ability to communicate your brand, vision, ethics and target market with impact.

Our expertise in experience design, design, brand strategy and consumer psychology enables us to create an event strategy that will elevate your brand's unique personality and speak to your audience through creative art direction, user experience and brand engagement. Our work in the culture, design and architecture sectors ranges from;

- biophilic design installations (design)

- art directed events (curating the brand signature)

- sensory installations (experience design)

- architectural awards programmes (campaign strategy)

- specialist speaker panels (industry leader events)


In each case curating, positioning and promoting the brand as creatively pioneering and technologically progressive, whilst enhancing their values and legacy, was key.


Event & Brand Strategy | Art Direction | Event Curation |

| Experience Design | Creative Collaborations

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Best Newcomer - IDFX Design Awards 2011

Design Management

Starting with the core functionality of your business, the Studio will steer the creative vision, concept and development of your  project at a management level.


We work as part of your team, on the ground, to build and oversee your design project or commercial strategy. Implementing efficient collaborative processes, realistic budgets, resourcing and schedules, and enabling an environment that fosters an optimal level of output, creatively.


We consider materiality and value engineering to create cost efficiencies, whilst combining emotional ergonomics with aesthetics to create memorable user experiences, resulting in documented increases in quality, collaborative output and strategic success; all of which form the backbone of a successful design project or creative strategy.


Design & Commercial Strategy | Design Management

Financial Planning | Resourcing | Process Audit


Creative Consultant Anouska Anquetil was previously director of her own successful residential design practice, being named one of the Top 50 Interior Designers in the UK. She is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design, as well as being a finalist in the prestigious IDFX Best Residential Design & Best Newcomer Awards.


Before founding her practice, Anouska worked with Helen Green on luxury residential developments and David Collins Studio, where she focused on hotel and hospitality design, developing concepts for branded environments, including emotional ergonomics, value engineering and experience design.


"Design for me has always been an inherent aspect of life. I appreciated from early on the impact design has upon how we experience and interact with our surroundings, creating great beauty in our lives, even in the smallest ways. This has been the guiding principle of my design work and design philosophy; and which I call emotional ergonomics."

Trained in finance, branding and consumer psychology, Anouska later expanded her skill set through her own practice in interior architecture and design, and more recently experience design and biophilic design. This makes her uniquely placed to offer a comprehensive creative consultancy service; working with clients on the creative concept all the way through to market launch;

and founded Gilt Studio to fully utilise her extensive experience.


Drawing upon her broad industry connections provides a wider extended team of associates to collaborate on projects.

This enables the Studio to offer a fully rounded service, with optional additional areas of specialism, depending on the needs of each individual project.

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Studio Philosophy

Emotional Ergonomics is the application of a core set of design principles, that promote emotional well-being, sustained measurable pleasure and functional optimisation of our environment through aesthetics, form, function and spatial harmony. This; the fundamental principle that intelligent design has a positive emotional uplift on the humans interacting with it;

lies at the heart of Gilt Studio's design approach.


Creating meaningful and sustainable design and processes, goes hand in hand with value engineering; the process of aligning positive design impact with tangible cost efficiencies. This has become the founding principle of the Studio's design philosophy. It defines the projects and clients we work with, and is most rewarding in socially collaborative schemes - public & urban spaces, work spaces, social design, housing and design projects that engage large-scale audiences.


Alongside key systems analysis, we can help you create a design scheme or strategy that is sustainable, socially impactful and reduces design costs, whilst maintaining creative integrity. Our aim is to bring these unique methodologies to the design and architecture sectors working with like-minded collaborative clients, passionate about improving the daily human experience of the world, be it through intelligent design, authentic brand communication or visionary user experience.


­"Welcome to Gilt Studio a creative consultancy committed to elevating your brand via superior design and visionary thinking.

I work closely with clients to understand the very core design values, ethics and systems essential to creating the perfect design or commercial strategy for human centred living.


I am proud to have built a reputation in the architecture & design sectors around a specific focus on emotionally intelligent design and creative strategies which enhance the world we live in."


Gilt Studio is the creation of Anouska Anquetil, an award-winning designer, creative consultant and systems strategist with 20 years experience in the architecture, design and fashion sectors.

To find out more about Anouska's work in

Biophilic Design please visit

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