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Welcome to Gilt Studio, a multi-disciplinary Creative Consultancy known for its unique focus upon impact design, emotional ergonomics and value engineering, which helps design-led companies differentiate themselves in a visually crowded market.

If you have an emotionally intelligent design project in mind and would like help to shape it and its core design values, the services below outline the many ways in which you can plug into our creative output......

With a background in interior architecture, residential developments, hospitality, retail cadence, branding and consumer psychology, whatever the vision you have in mind, we’re committed to bringing it to life with superior design, unique concepts and visionary thinking.

From the initial design and strategy to the final outcome, guidance and support are provided throughout the entire design process. We’ll work closely with you to understand what your design values are and which elements are most important to you and the message you want to communicate.

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Branded Design  Concepts

Our great passion lies in the creation of design concepts for branded spaces. Acting on behalf of branding agencies, retail brands, hotel and hospitality groups, developers, and investors, we work closely with your design team to match the design strategy with the brand intention.


Our design analysis and expertise in branding and consumer psychology, ensures that the environment is authentic and true to the branded vision via the design signature, materiality, spatial design, customer journey and flow. Incorporating experience design and impact design strategies, this attention to detail in creating an emotionally intelligent design, enables your brand to be placed well ahead of the competition whilst retaining its authenticity.

Abstract Architecture

Art Direction

Design concepts for events and public spaces are one of our specialities, with a particular interest in lighting design, projection mapping and conceptual video installations. Curating the full design so that it holistically defines your brand or event vision. We draw upon a background in fashion, art curation, design, architecture, alternative street culture and experience design to create highly visionary design concepts.


We can design and curate a cohesive scheme in line with your event and brand. We would love to discuss any projects however conceptual, progressive, big or small.

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Best Newcomer - IDFX Design Awards 2011


Impact Design

Impact Design lies at the heart of everything that we do. The fundamental principle that intelligent design has a positive emotional uplift on the humans that interact with it. This has become the founding principle of the work that we do. Creating meaningful and sustainable design impact goes hand in hand with value engineering and is not only the best way to create positive design experiences, but also the best way to create design cost efficiencies too.


We specialise in emotional ergonomics, the application of a core set of design principles that promote emotional well being and sustained measurable pleasure and functional optimisation of our environment. This design philosophy can be applied in almost any context, but is most rewarding in social housing schemes, urban spaces, public spaces, work spaces, hotels, experience design and design projects that engage large scale audiences. Alongside key value engineering analysis we can help you create a design scheme that is sustainable, socially impactful and reduces build costs, whilst maintaining architectural and build integrity.

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Creative Consultancy

We understand how important it is for our clients projects to create a lasting visual and sensory impact. The importance of emotionally intelligent design. We are committed to solving the most complex design challenges with innovative and effective creative solutions. As Creative Consultants we can advise on a variety of projects: 


For high-end retail brands we can work with your design team to finesse and elevate your customers branded design experience. For interiors product companies, we can advise on your product range and design, target market, USP and cohesive branding approach.

For Hoteliers/Developers, we can critique competitors, define your niche and direct the design to sit cohesively within your brand signature. For Architects working on large scale schemes and public spaces, we can advise on the materiality, aesthetics, value engineering and emotional ergonomics.

About Us

Creative Consultant Anouska Anquetil was previously director of her own successful residential design practice, being named one of the Top 50 Interior Designers in the UK and is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design. As well as having been a finalist for the prestigious IDFX Best Residential Design & Best Newcomer awards.

Before founding her practice she worked with Helen Green on luxury residential developments and David Collins Studio where she focused on hotel and hospitality design, developing concepts for branded environments including emotional ergonomics, value engineering and experience design.

"Design for me has always been an inherent aspect of life. I appreciated from early on the impact design has upon how we experience and interact with our surroundings. This can create great beauty in our lives, even in the smallest ways. This has been the guiding principle of my design work and philosophy that I call emotional ergonomics".

Trained in Finance, Branding & Consumer Psychology, she expanded this skillset by studying Interior Architecture & Design and more recently Experience Design at CSM. Anouska is uniquely placed to offer a comprehensive creative consultancy service, from creative concept to market launch. Anouska set up Gilt Studio to offer a select range of consultancy services that capitalise on her extensive experience. She draws upon her broad industry connections bringing collaborators on board dependent upon the needs of each individual project, giving a fully rounded service with the exact areas of specialism provided as and when required. 

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